Sunday, 12 April 2015

Story Sharing of Communicative English Class January -June 2015

My names are Neema Suleiman Gely  aged 26 years, a Sudanese by nationality Nubian Moru by tribe. I am married and mother of 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. We have been living in Kakuma refugee’s camp for some years now. As a refugee in a place like Kakuma where people are just staying surviving just like people who are stagnant without hope for the future ahead, to me I saw a future in joining the SAVIC Communicative English course  in the Pre-intermediate, one year after my arrival in the camp. At that time I didn’t know how to greet a person in English language. However, 2 months later I started reading and forming phrases, and this has moved me from nothing to something as a result of the training, which has impacted my life. I can now speak on behalf of my Nubians Women whenever we are called for a meeting in NGO’s Gathering. I am now able to communicate with so many people who cannot understand my mother tongue, and whose mother-tongue I do not understand. I believe I am now ready even for a job in my community, because of the trust I now have in myself for being able to speak English.

Currently I am in the advanced English class almost finishing the curriculum this June, I will be a SAVIC ADULT EDUCATION GRADUATE with my Certificate to show for it.

I would argue my fellow women to follow my steps; it doesn’t take most of your time Just 3 hours you would have made yourself a model mother or lady who can stand on your own.

My plans are to Join A computer class with DON BOSCO since have gotten a KEY to my future life, I can read and write which without this Class I would remain a "Come and read for me" Mother.

Let Go high SAVIC May GOD bless the Teachers who have taken their precious time teaching me and making this Nubian mother happy hereafter.

This is my Story of change.

Once again Thanks SAVIC Kakuma.

Neema Suleiman Gely

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  1. very impressive, I hope many other women will join the july -December in take, SAVIC is waiting for everyone who want to take English has His/Her second language of prosperity.
    Remember SAVIC is a place for you to be.