Saturday, 20 December 2014

I'm Planning for My Future! T-Shirts to Promote Information Family Planning Information Among Adolescents

December 21, 2014

SAVIC successfully printed 70 t-shirts to spread the message of Sexual & Reproductive Health to adolescents and community members at large. In front, the t-shirt reads: I'm Planning for my Future. This message reminds us all of the freedom we need to give to adolescents to plan for their future. This includes giving adolescents a free choice to continue education out of marriage and free from unintended pregnancies.
On the back, the t-shirt reads: "Access to Family Planning can Help Adolescents Achieve their Goals". Clear. True.
Family Planning Can help Adolescents achieve their goals!
Joyce M with an adolescent trainee of 2014

An adolescent trainee
Adolescent trainees of 2014

Vasco A., SAVIC Programs Manager counting the t-shirts.

The T-shirts were printed with financial support from the Segal Family Foundation, and JSI Research & Training Institute.

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